A couple that survives a serious crisis emerges stronger and more united. This presupposes that both partners have made efforts to save their relationship. Sometimes the scenario is quite different because the couple is simply a lost cause. Signs make it possible to distinguish a surmountable crisis from an inevitable end. Silence and indifference are the first signs to fear in a crisis. The crisis can still find a happy ending as long as the communication between the partners works.

Often shouting and quarreling are better than indifference, at least one knows what the other is thinking. Indifference can manifest itself in indirect dodging to avoid solving the problem. If you or your partner start delaying the time to go home as much as possible, that’s not a good sign! Ditto when one of the partners shows that he or she prefers to work out at the gym or kill time behind his computer. If in addition, he or she refuses any discussion about the angry subject, it is a sign that your partner wants separation without daring to admit it.

The sign that says the end is inevitable

In some cases, the signs are so obvious that it is useless to try to get false hopes. This is the case when you and your partner know the source of the problem, but you know full well that you, or he, cannot overcome this problem. Infidelity, desire for an unrequited child, domestic violence, in-laws or even alcoholism… are all complex situations that often prove to be unbearable for one of the partners. Although these situations do not always lead to separation in rare cases, it is difficult to mend the couple. Often, a break to separate gently or to pick up the pieces is necessary.

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