This new way of leaving your companion or companion is “fashionable” but is not at all classy. After ghosting, “slow fading” has become the cruellest way to end a relationship. “It’s a love trend that consists of gently fading away in a relationship, without any explanation,” explained our colleagues from Current Woman. Thus, the person wanting to break up with his or her partner decides to slowly fade away in order to stop the relationship without having the final discussion.

“The person is going to become less available to see the other person. They become less and less available or they cancel the plans they have made with you,” explained Christine Baumgartner, dating and relationship coach at American media Bustle. The first obvious signs that your partner is using this technique are that he no longer wants to have any plans with you.

People who use “slow fading” avoid the crucial discussion during a separation

For example, he no longer wants to schedule vacations for two, and no longer accepts invitations for events that will take place in the coming months. “It’s a way to avoid the discomfort of a difficult conversation and to reduce any kind of guilt,” said Megan Bruneau, therapist, in the columns of the American magazine Women’s Health. You may also notice that you are no longer your partner’s priority and that he takes much longer to respond to your messages and does not call you back.

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