Should we maintain the hope that he or she will return one day or is it better to move on? If such doubt sets in after a breakup, it is better to find out as soon as possible what is really going on so as not to ruin your life. If your ex no longer responds to your messages, blocks all communication and gives no response to your requests, it means that he or she is not at all close to coming back. If your ex has the courage to tell you or make you understand that he or she doesn’t want anything to do with you anymore, it’s always better than ghosting, at least you’re fixed.

Do you remember the circumstances of your separation? If you are sure that your ex pushed you to make the decision to break up, it means that he or she has wanted to do it for a long time with no intention of coming back. He or she wanted to avoid wearing the “bad guy” hat. If your ex-partner has built another life for himself, if you see all the signs that he’s moved on, any hope of seeing him return is utopian. If he or she has managed to move forward without you, he or she is no longer calculating you at all.

A betrayed ex-partner will not return

Depending on the reason for your breakup and the psychological profile of your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, he or she will never come back into your life. Some people viscerally abhor betrayal. If your ex is that kind of person and the reason for leaving is a betrayal issue, you can be sure that your breakup is final. Some relatively paranoid people who find it difficult to trust may act the same way through no fault of your own.

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