The vast majority of couples choose to fight to save their relationship. Moreover, following a couple’s therapy is one of these choices to fight. But when problems pile up and go unresolved, then a breakup becomes inevitable, according to Detroit psychologist Antonio Borrello. “Most marriages survive short periods of dissatisfaction, lack of communication and conflict,” he says.

However, there are unmistakable signs when the partner wants a divorce. First of all, when the husband feels a lack of recognition from his family, he will express resentment, explains Alexandra H. Solomon, a psychologist at Northwestern University. When this resentment is therefore present on a daily basis, his desire for divorce is in full swing. “Men who don’t feel grateful and who don’t accept the realities of marriage are at risk of divorce,” according to this psychologist. There is also the fact that the woman spends too much money in the couple. “Many men who go to couples therapy are often unhappy with poor financial decisions made by their partner,” says psychotherapist F. Diane Barth. A situation which, in the long term, risks leading to divorce.

Infidelity is an unavoidable sign

Among the clear signs that he wants a divorce is infidelity. At first, when a man begins to see other horizons, he is almost ready to take the step of divorce. According to the psychologist, Antonio Borrello, infidelity is also witness to a much deeper problem than the desire to divorce.

“When a man leaves his wife because of cheating, it is almost impossible to know to what extent the decision really depends on that or if other factors are involved,” says Antonio Borrello.

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