For a married man, leaving his wife for his mistress often sounds like an unrealizable promise. And yet, some manage to take the plunge and embark on the difficult path of divorce. If not, there are signs that he won’t leave his wife for you. If your lover is cheating on his wife because of infidelity on her part or because of some relationship problem, chances are he still has feelings for her. And even if this was not the case, but he wants to give his couple a second chance, know that this man is not about to leave his wife for you.

Your lover might want to always keep you under his elbow without really moving forward. He can act in the same way vis-à-vis his wife with whom he does not really cut the bridge. Does your lover always talk about his relationship with his wife? At the same time, does he know anything about divorce proceedings? Before getting too attached and thinking about an extramarital relationship leading to an exclusive relationship, tell yourself one thing: this man is not ready for a permanent separation from his wife since his center of interest is still his married life.

Lack of complicity and zero project in sight: two signs that he is not going to leave his wife

If your lover still harbors feelings of guilt about what he’s doing to his wife and/or family, he’s not about to break up yet. By feeling guilty all the time, he can’t invest more in your relationship. Your complicity is undermined. The ultimate unmistakable sign is when he has no common future plans with you. If he never considers or talks about a project in which you and him are the center, it is not yet in the near future that he will leave his wife.

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Lara T.
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