Even when everything is going well, we can suddenly invent stories. A faithful man, you can recognize him quite easily. First, if your partner has never cheated before, that’s already a very good sign. The thing is, there’s a good chance he’s loyal by nature or has principles that make infidelity not one of his weak points. Of course, the fact that he cheated on his ex for you doesn’t count. Besides, it is not because your partner was unfaithful that he will necessarily cheat on you.

If your partner is not the type to think only of him, it is very likely that he is faithful to you. A faithful partner is always there when you need him. He never cancels the plans he has with you. He is generous, kind and available. On the other hand, if he’s trustworthy, not one to lie and avoid all your questions, chances are he’s loyal to you. Besides, a faithful man should have no secrets…or very few.

He has no time to be unfaithful

Have you discovered that your partner is capable of omitting important things from you? It could be that he is able to lie to you about the possibility of an affair that he wants to keep secret at all costs. A faithful man hides almost nothing from you and does not hide you from his relatives. If you are not the victim of stashing with him, it is because he assumes your relationship perfectly.

If your man is too busy, his agenda is always loaded, he surely does not have time to lead a double life. If you haven’t noticed any warning signs since your relationship, maybe there just aren’t any signs because there’s no infidelity. Finally, gender can be a good indicator of loyalty. A fulfilling sexuality, experienced and felt by both partners, is always a good sign for the couple.

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