It is entirely possible to know if your partner has not cut the cord with his mother. Suffice it to say, an omnipresent mother-in-law does not bode well for your relationship. Among the signs that can let you know if he is a mama’s boy, there is his great dependence. Indeed, this type of person cannot do anything alone. It is almost impossible for him to survive even in his own apartment. The laundry, the cooking, the dishwasher, the cleaning… these are words that are totally foreign to him.

The mama’s boy also maintains an intense communication with his mother. It starts in the morning when choosing your work clothes and validating the color of your socks. Texts, photos, videos, calls, social networks… mother and son use all possible means to always stay in touch.

His mother is at the center of all decisions

In general, we all need to have the opinion of our parents. Expert advice from the people we care about is priceless after all. Except that with a partner who has not cut the cord with his mother, it does not stop there! He just can’t make a decision on his own. He will always need his mother’s approval before ordering sushi. Don’t be surprised if he asks his mother for the answer to the priest’s question before answering.

Of course, a mama’s boy idolizes his mother in a very unhealthy way. For him, his mother is always right and to criticize her is to start a war with him. If his mother ever tells him that the earth is flat, beware if you dare to contradict her.

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Lara T.
Lara T.

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