Married life is not something constant, it goes through several phases. At a certain point, the flame simply does not have the same ardor as at the beginning. There are many signs that show that one partner has grown tired of the other. It starts with a loss of interest. Your spouse is no longer listening at all. If your partner begins to see more points of difference than points in common between the two of you and becomes annoyed by these differences, it is because their love is beginning to fade.

One thing leading to another, your partner no longer makes you his priority. He or she is indifferent to your absences. Messages and calls to check in on you while you’re away are a thing of the past. Worse still, your return home seems to be unwanted. You can be sure that your couple is in a really critical phase. Its divestment takes on even greater proportions. If you’re a couple who are used to arguing or arguing, their indifference reaches its climax when your spouse isn’t even fighting anymore.

Your partner quietly waits for the couple to flow on their own

Permanent seduction is one of the keys to maintaining the flame of love. If by his carelessness, physical in this case, your partner no longer seeks to seduce you, it is because his demotivation has almost reached a point of no return. The ultimate sign is that of the lack of projection into a common future. Your partner does not see himself with you at all in this future. He or she is no longer thinking of any project with you. The couple is on the edge of the precipice. You feel it and your spouse does too, but he won’t even try to discuss it. If you can’t expect any effort from him, then his love for you has completely faded. And that your partner is tired of you.

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Lara T.
Lara T.

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