To know if your partner is lying to you, there are unmistakable signs. If he hides his mouth with one hand or puts a finger to his lips while he or she is talking to you, that’s a sign of a lie. Alternatively, he or she can also cover their head, neck, or belly. If you notice your partner repeating himself and going into too much detail during a discussion, make sure he’s covering up a lie. By remaining silent, you will see that the liar or the liar that he or she is will add even more details.

Unconsciously, a person who is telling a lie prepares to flee. You will notice that she leans towards the door or moves closer to it depending on whether she is sitting or standing. It is certain that your partner is lying to you as soon as there is no more agreement between what he says and his gestures. A sad story, for example, does not go with smiles, grand gestures and animations. If your interlocutor suddenly breathes more noisily while talking to you or has trouble articulating because he has a dry mouth and an accelerated heart rate, his body and heart are reacting to the lie he is telling you. to debit.

His eyes betray your partner if he is lying to you

If you know your partner’s eye movements, a change in the direction of that movement is a sure sign. Does he or she have a habit of looking up to the left during a reflection? If his eyes suddenly move downwards while he or she is thinking, this is a definite sign. If you don’t know your partner that well yet, note that the eyes tend to look toward a door when lying.

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