For the first few weeks, a romantic relationship always sports honeymoon allure. Only, reality catches up quickly, especially the stress that comes with certain questions. Is he really serious? Is there a future to this relationship or is it just temporary? Some signs do not deceive and gladly help you to have answers to all these questions. The first sign is his schedule. A person who wants to make his life with you makes his plans according to yours. He will therefore always ask you for your opinion and your plans before leaving for a weekend with family or friends.

The second sign is definitely his interest in you. A man who wants to spend his life with you worries when he doesn’t hear from you during the day. So messages and calls won’t miss throughout the day if you stay in silent mode for too long. Of course, seriousness rhymes with projects for two, even the simplest ones. If he’s counting on you to be his partner at a wedding, for example, the relationship is going in the right direction.

A serious man shares his secrets with pleasure

Taking you to his favorite bar can also be an important landmark. It simply means that he shares his universe with you. At this stage, he trusts you enough to share his world with you. Which is the sign of a truly serious relationship.

Of course, when he tries to score points when he has already slept with you, he is really interested in you. This can manifest in different ways. For example, he can watch a TV series that is exclusively for women with you. Generally, men do not linger to watch this kind of series unless they sincerely like the person.

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