The nicknames in love that we give ourselves within a couple are never meaningless. If your partner naturally calls you by treasured nicknames like “my treasure” and “my jewel”, it means that you are unique in their eyes. Love nicknames inspired by cooking and gluttony like “my sugar”, “my honey” or even “my sweet” insinuate that your partner desires you carnally. When nicknames take on excess and excessive romanticism, such as the nicknames “my angel”, “the love of my life” and “my heart”, it means that your partner is idealizing you.

Some nicknames like these are only used after a certain time together or they will ring false. Apart from these nicknames that almost everyone uses, there are other less common, even totally unique nicknames. The most natural nicknames are actually invented from scratch. These are unique nicknames coined from significant events or physical peculiarities. They are signs of a strong relationship. These nicknames, often based on physical realities or lived experience, are sincere and authentic.

Assumed nicknames: a sign of a healthy relationship

Made-up nicknames denote the strength of your relationship. These nicknames can come from common memories, new experiences, or physical particularities. They reflect the complicity and tenderness that reign within the couple. These are nicknames that always bring back memories. Partners can laugh at these nicknames and assume it completely without feeling any vexation. Inevitably, these nicknames invented from scratch revive memories and soften the heart. Note that even if you do not call each other by any first name, it is not necessarily a sign of lack of intimacy.

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Lara T.
Lara T.

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