It is customary for couples to give each other cute little love nicknames to add even more tenderness to their relationship. My kitten, my heart, my bunny or simply my darling… it doesn’t matter, it’s a mark of tenderness. Couples who assume the most call each other by their nicknames whether in family or in public. This has the effect of annoying some who find this habit somewhat ridiculous, even demeaning. And yet, behind these nicknames hide meanings that we do not even suspect. According to specialists, these love nicknames allow you to know a little more about your partner.

Does your partner call you by one of the nicknames: my barley sugar, my sweet, my honey or their English equivalent “honey”? These nicknames are not at all trivial according to the opinion of psychologists. According to specialists, these greedy nicknames are the first names that show that your partner wants you. The desire in question is primarily that of the flesh. These sweet words thus betray gluttony and appetite, but they also denote a certain reciprocity.

Couples: meanings of other cute nicknames

Nicknames denote a certain intimacy, a very strong emotional bond, a willingness to put one’s partner on a pedestal and many more, according to psychologists. The latter have taken care to classify the most used nicknames while deciphering their hidden meaning. You have 7 categories of nicknames. Small animals would indicate a need for security. Simply calling each other by first names can be a sign of deep respect or can betray a lack of intimacy.

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