Greedy nicknames, such as “my sugar”, “my sweet”, “my honey” or even “honey” betray carnal desire. Those inspired by small animals like “my chick”, “my cat” or “my rabbit” bring back to childhood and recall a need for security. “My treasure”, “my jewel”… precious nicknames mean that you are unique for your partner. Indeed, the nicknames we give ourselves when we are in a relationship are always imbued with symbolism, according to psychologists. They testify to the depth of the feelings carried by each partner. May also betray a certain lack of intimacy.

In a relationship, one partner can idealize the other. It is also possible that he idealizes the couple himself. Your partner puts you on a pedestal when he calls you by a love nickname, a tad exaggerated. “My heart”, “my angel”, “my life”, “the love of my life” are these nicknames denoting a great esteem for the other. Romantic at will, these are first names that we like to hear coming out of the mouth of the loved one in all circumstances. These love nicknames signify great care and strong attachment.

Idealization comes with a certain time

If the relationship has lasted for a while, the use of these romantic and idealizing names is a very good sign. It is the sign of a relationship where there is a real attachment from one to the other. However, beware if the nicknames “my angel” or “my heart” are thrown around from the start of a romantic relationship. In this case, the use of these first names may not be really honest. It is one of the most formidable means of seduction. Although they remain romantic, even in this case, this type of amorous nicknames are often used by great seducers.

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Lara T.
Lara T.

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