Giving each other cute little nicknames is a habit for couples. It is a way to express an attachment, a deep feeling. “My baby” and “baby” are very common first names among couples. These first names indicate a very strong physical and emotional bond uniting the partners, like a baby who is unconditionally attached to his mother. Greedy first names like “my honey”, “my sugar” or “my sweet” mean that your partner desires you carnally.

Psychologists explain that when partners don’t give each other nicknames, it can mean a certain lack of intimacy. However, we should not generalize since calling each other by first name would denote deep respect if it is done within a dating couple. Other love nicknames that denote idealization and esteem are even more to be feared than no nicknames. “My angel”, “the love of my life”, “my life”, “my heart”… very romantic nicknames that indicate that your partner idealizes you. They can also indicate that your partner idealizes your couple.

Beware of disproportionate nicknames in certain contexts

Nicknames used to idealize the partner or the couple are reassuring and always soften the person who hears them. When your partner calls you “my angel” or “my heart”, it always warms the heart. There is no need to worry if these nicknames are used within a couple of a certain age. However, when these first names are used from the start of the relationship, there is really reason to ask questions. Indeed, these nicknames can betray a lack of true feelings. It may be an attempt to seduce you by any means.

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Lara T.
Lara T.

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