The missionary and doggy style positions are classics that are still popular. But like all good things, even these most practiced positions don’t always lead to orgasm. To spice up your antics, you can go around the less famous positions and which can nevertheless lead you to the consecration of a mutual and intense orgasm. Doing sex standing up is not very tempting for everyone. With a wall for support and one leg up, this position can send you into the curtain. It is the same for the doggy style by leaning on the back of the sofa.

The third position that you can also try is the prone doggy position. In addition to the classic doggy style, the lying doggy style provides the sensations of friction between the bodies of the partners. The fourth position that is sure to bring you orgasm is reverse cowgirl. We can also name this position as that of the inverted Andromache. One partner lies on their back while the other climbs on top showing their back.

Three more sex positions to try

The lotus position is also a position to go for if you want to try one of the hottest positions in bed. The lotus position is practiced in a seated position with the legs of one of the partners entwined around the other. To vary the positions, you can also revisit the good old position of the missionary by adding the legs in the air. Which gives new sensations. Finally, for a better connection and complicity between partners, you can also try mutual masturbation.

Couples: these deprecated sexual positions that can make you climb the curtains

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Maria T.
Maria T.

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