According to a study conducted by the Between Us Clinic, an online therapy program, certain sexual positions are more appropriate for certain problems. This same study affirms that one woman out of 10 would suffer from pain during the act. Fortunately, there are positions that can reinforce penetration not only to better understand the problems, but for maximum pleasure. Here, 47% of specialists recommend the cowgirl position. The latter allows to control the speed, but also the depth of the penetration. Next are the teaspoon and missionary positions.

In case of premature ejaculation problem, which would concern 30 to 40% of men, the objective is to reduce the stimulation and make the pleasure last. Again, the teaspoon position is perfect for this. 30% of experts recommend this position in order to have better control, a better angle while reducing the power and speed of round trips. Not to mention the closeness with the partner which will be more increased.

Erectile dysfunction and lack of clitoral stimulation

Erectile disorders concern 40% of men at 40 and 70% of men at 70. The perfect position to deal with this problem is doggy style. Indeed, it helps maintain the erection of the penis, according to Neeka Wittern, expert sexologist. In case of lack of clitoral stimulation, the reverse cowgirl position, another variation of doggy style, is advised. This position gives better access to the clitoris while favoring deep penetration.

Couples: the sexual positions to adopt according to your physical pain

Couples: the sexual positions to adopt according to your physical pain © Pexels

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