Cosmopolitan wrote a specific article, based on a study by Gleeden, on the subject of virtual infidelity. If the subject does not speak to you, it is completely normal since infidelity 2.0 is still a rather vague subject. Generally speaking, this form of infidelity is the fact of crossing all the limits, but on the internet. Dating app, online flirting, fantasizing about a friend or girlfriend on social networks… all the rules of loyalty are “theoretically” broken.

The study conducted by Gleeden, a site specializing in adulterous encounters, showed that women were the most tempted by this new form of infidelity. Still according to this site, 28% of French women have already taken the step of infidelity 2.0. It is a question of maintaining an intimate or even sexual relationship, but on a virtual level. However, the boundaries of this digital life would be determined by the couple. “As with classic infidelity, it is up to the couple to determine the boundaries not to be exceeded,” explains Aurore Le Moing, psycho-practitioner and counselor in marital relations.

A matter of steps taken

Still according to Aurora Le Moing, it is imperative to be honest with yourself. If your partner is virtually cheating on you, it’s a good idea to ask yourself what steps he or she has already taken. This specialist explains that there are three categories of virtual deceivers. The first category being those who say to themselves that the physical act is the limit not to be crossed. The second category is for people who cross boundaries, but feel it is part of their secret garden. The last category, but the rarest, is where the unfaithful goes as far as having sex in real life.

Couples: my partner is cheating on me virtually, is it serious?

Couples: my partner is virtually cheating on me, is it serious? ©Pixabay

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