A water sign, Scorpio is a sensitive, emotional and instinctive being. Passion, sexual urges and desires are very natural things for this Zodiac sign. Among other reputations, such as being manipulative and jealous, Scorpio is also known to be a sex addict. If you have a Scorpio partner, you may notice that sex is always on their mind. Moreover, the scorpion likes to have sex everywhere, but especially in forbidden and semi-public places.

The scorpion can turn out to be a fiery and reckless person. Reason why having sex in unusual places can excite him to the highest degree. A Scorpio partner can get carried away with excitement and desire. This is why you can expect to experience new sexual practices with a Scorpio. It should also be remembered that this Zodiac sign takes sex very seriously. A Scorpio partner needs someone who can keep up with them and has the same approach to sex as they do.

Scorpio likes intense sex, but not only…

Having a fulfilling sexuality is the sine qua non of a lasting relationship for the Scorpio partner. If this astrological sign loves intense sex and sex outside the bed, it also loves to give pleasure to its partner. He likes to play with his partner’s orgasm by bringing him very close to the explosion before lowering the temperature. Its goal is to make the ultimate orgasm a real moment of explosion of pleasure that drives all the senses crazy. Above all else, Scorpio’s favorite sexual practice remains submission games… where he or she takes on the role of the dominant.

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