If you are in a relationship with a Sagittarius, then you have one of the best zodiac signs to build a serious relationship. Far from the superficiality of Libra or the hypocrisy of Gemini, Sagittarius is renowned for his generosity, his benevolence, but above all his goodwill. His open-mindedness and his adventurous spirit are also very positive points for life as a couple.

Only, the American astrologer, Jake Register, explains that people born under the sign of Sagittarius are “know-it-alls”. Your partner can therefore be heavy in the long run. Her moralizing and paternalistic side is a bit like the Virgin who criticizes everything. The fact is that Sagittarius often gives and imposes his opinion even if no one asked for it. If your relationship is new, expect moral lessons all the time. This side makes Sagittarius a tad pretentious!

Sagittarius suffers from a great lack of tact

Know-it-all is Sagittarius’ biggest flaw since all of its other flaws greatly underscore this fact. The expert explains that this sign also suffers from a great lack of tact. He always says what he thinks and speaks frankly. His excessive frankness will, moreover, be at the center of your many disputes. Although not as stubborn as Taurus, Sagittarius still holds its own when it comes to stubbornness. This will not help matters especially during the conflicts in your romantic relationship.

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