People under the astrological sign of Pisces are born between February 19 and March 20. In astrology, it is the 21st sign of the zodiac, associated with water. In Greek mythology, the sign of Pisces is associated with the story of Aphrodite, goddess of love, and her son Eros who, pursued by Typhon, fell into the sea before being rescued by Poseidon. Like all signs of the zodiac, they have faults but also qualities and in particular one that stands out. People born under this sign are very selfless. They are very empathetic and never leave a person behind. Regarding his main defect, it is his imagination which is linked to an extreme sensitivity. When Pisces gets carried away by its dark side, it can quickly lose its footing with reality and become very dark. It is thus necessary to bring him back to reason, without however hurting his feelings which are increased tenfold at this time.

In terms of privacy, the Pisces woman is very romantic. She dreams of a crazy story, including all the clichés and will look for the man who will give her confidence. To feel good, she will also need compliments but can sometimes be unreasonable. Indeed, she will test her limits but will also have a lot of trouble settling on one person and will move on if the relationship no longer suits her. The Pisces man is a little introverted and not very comfortable in society. He will try to escape and will sometimes find himself uncomfortable in the midst of relatives and long-time friends, if his situation does not suit him. He will thus tend to feel the need to isolate himself or will be seized with sudden fatigue, from which he will find it difficult to recover. In his life, the Pisces man likes to take the time to reflect and hates to rush.

The Pisces man intrigues women a lot

The Pisces man is very mysterious, which will attract women as they seek to understand him, make him talk and find out who he really is. He is very romantic, has an idealized view of love and is not afraid to spend his whole life with the same person. However, he will sometimes show himself to be fleeing, especially when a conflict comes to the fore. To be happy in his daily life, the fish needs someone who communicates in his place in society and who understands him at a glance. Concerning accounting, the fish has particularly hooked atoms with the Taurus. This Earth sign will allow him to be more grounded in reality.

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