The native of the Pisces zodiac sign is a being endowed with creativity and an artistic sense. In love, this water sign is guided by its intuition, it can also be very romantic. Highly sensitive and emotional, Pisces is the Zodiac sign that falls in love most easily. Like all astrological signs, Pisces can also be blamed for a few weak points. The worst of them is surely his lack of attention. A Pisces partner can come across as being out of touch, even disinterested in the world around them, including you.

The native of Pisces is someone who likes to daydream. He creates a small world just for him to escape. It can sometimes be very difficult to get the attention of Pisces, which sometimes gives the impression that he is an indifferent, selfish and asocial person. On the other hand, the fish is often criticized for its lack of seriousness and its side head in the air. If your partner is Pisces, you should notice that he is someone who doesn’t bother to take responsibility. He can be particularly indecisive, which is why a Pisces almost always looks for a stable partner he can rely on.

Pisces and depression

If you’re in a relationship with a Pisces, chances are they’re totally moody. One of these greatest faults is also melancholy. The native of Pisces can easily sink into depression for nothing, even depression if he does not have the necessary support. To top it off, a native of Pisces has the misfortune of being pessimistic and lacking in self-confidence. Despite these negative traits, the Pisces shines very easily thanks to their talent and their intelligence if they have the right support, if they are supported by someone who believes in them and ready to take them with their faults.

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