The Zodiac sign Pisces is a water sign. He is known for his great sensitivity and his sense of altruism. Pisces’ desire to please and do well is also reflected in their approach to sex. If you are in a relationship with a native of the Pisces astrological sign, you can be sure that this one will pay particular attention to your desires. Pisces can be described as a real pleasure giver. When it comes to fulfilling their partner, only Taurus, the sensual partner par excellence, comes on the same footing as Pisces.

A Pisces partner has all the assets to make you climb the curtains. He or she also gets a kick out of his games of caresses and sensuality. Pisces can be very delicate and extremely tactile. He takes pleasure in giving pleasure and for that he is ready to try new practices. He likes to fulfill fantasies, his own and those of his partner. If the Pisces is often enterprising, he does not hesitate to abandon himself completely either.

This practice that makes Pisces very happy

If you are with a Pisces partner, you must have noticed that he is very fond of fantasies. Even if the Pisces is not really an adventurer at heart, he secretly desires to make love in public or in places where there is a little risk of getting caught. In addition to his unacknowledged fantasies, there is a practice that Pisces particularly likes. Pisces can turn out to be a real foot fetishist. This is a practice that increases his excitement tenfold.

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