People born under the sign of Pisces are naturally sensual. Moreover, pleasure is not only a path, but an ally that Pisces never tires of. This zodiac sign is known to love sex without taboos. Your sex life together will therefore never be under the yoke of routine. The thing is, Pisces loves adventure, and just like Scorpio, they don’t like having sex limits.

So don’t be surprised if your partner often lets himself drift during your antics. Marie Claire explains that Pisces fantasies are based on the concept of sensation. People of this sign therefore prefer to bet on sensations rather than impressions when they are in bed. Only, among the essential fantasies of Pisces, there is the greedy fantasy. To be coated in chocolate or even ice cream is a desire that he nourishes deep inside him.

Pisces fantasies rhyme with originality

In addition to gourmet fantasy or even unusual places, everything that is original, Pisces will gladly take it. Use toys in bed, why not? Once again, the Pisces has no taboos and never sets limits in bed. Of course, basic actions can do the job very well, such as caresses filled with sensuality. The basis is to indulge in new sensations to fulfill a Pisces fantasy. Moreover, among the forbidden fantasies of the Pisces sign, there is BDSM. Is this a step you would dare to take?

Couples: is your partner Pisces? Here are her greatest fantasies

Couples: is your partner Pisces? Here are her biggest fantasies © Pexels


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