Do you like a Gemini? Many astrology enthusiasts would like to wish you good luck, this sign being one of the most maligned of the zodiac. Indeed, the sign of Gemini suffers, wrongly, from a bad reputation because of its duality. A double sign, he is often accused of “reversing his jacket”, of being a hypocrite and a liar. An unfair trial for this sign which, rather endowed with a candid side, simply wishes to please others to create cohesion in its entourage. This is also one of the strong points of Gemini: its sociability. Indeed, the third sign of the zodiac knows how to adapt to everyone and likes to bring people together. And for good reason, Gemini is governed by Mercury, the planet of communication! No wonder, then, that this sign behaves like a real butterfly in society. One of the risks of this overflowing sociability, on the other hand, is to struggle to find one’s place. Because if the Gemini strives to please everyone, he can end up letting others rub off on him and thus, no longer know who he is.

Gemini: what sign is it compatible with?

If in general, Gemini gets along well with air signs – like him – and fire signs, he has a particularly advanced chemistry with Sagittarius, which is his opposite and complementary sign. Extroverts, optimists, lovers of travel and rather unbridled, these two have something to get along on many levels! The only downside: in love, beware of infidelity! Rather fickle by nature, these lovebirds may well be tempted to look elsewhere. In which case, it is better to consider the idea of ​​a free couple!

Gemini sign © Pixabay

Lara T.
Lara T.

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