Gemini commands admiration for its great ability to remain positive in almost all situations. Being sociable and open-minded par excellence, the native of this Zodiac sign has a natural gift for communication. His great sense of humor and his empathy are surely among the weapons of seduction he has used to charm you. But while you’re in heaven, you gradually notice that your Gemini partner is not without flaws. And as a worst fault, Gemini is credited with its great hypocrisy.

Gemini’s hypocritical side stems from one of their greatest strengths. He is someone who is ready to do anything to achieve his goals. He can be so obsessed with achieving the goals he has set for himself that he can become Machiavellian. Gemini is a very gifted manipulator for pretenses that he becomes a hypocrite. Therefore, it is to wonder if his commitment with you is the fruit of a real desire for a life together or if it serves specific purposes. Moreover, a native of Gemini would not have the qualities required to invest in love over the long term.

The inconstancy of Gemini makes it unfathomable

It is relatively complicated to know what a native of this Zodiac sign wants. The thing is, he’s known to be very changeable. It’s someone who can’t stand still. Driven by excessive curiosity, the native of Gemini wants to taste almost everything. Gemini is one of the hyperactive partners that it is generally better not to keep in your life. As he can change his mind and attitude very frequently, it may prove impossible to build something lasting with him.

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