Each zodiac sign has its own strengths, but also its flaws. Moreover, there are many defects that are specific to certain signs. If Taurus is the most stubborn sign of all, Libra has a reputation for being very superficial. What about the sign of Virgo? Astrologer Jake Register revealed this sign’s biggest flaw to the Cosmopolitan US. According to this specialist, the biggest defect of the native of Virgo is his overly critical mind. A setback against its strengths!

The thing is, the Virgo sign is definitely the wisest sign in the entire zodiac. People born under this sign are generally very savvy, but are the most perfectionists. This often leads to criticism of the choices of others, especially if the choices in question diverge from theirs. Generally very good advice, Virgo still tends to focus on criticism. Which is often badly received by those around him.

Above all, do not bet on excess

Having a critical mind is a good thing except in the case of Virgo. After all, overdoing it is never a good thing. With this defect is added “overthinking”. Thinking too much like Virgo does can only be harmful. If your partner is Virgo, you will see him worrying about everything and nothing and especially inventing scenarios that will surely never happen. For the natives of this sign, avoiding excess is certainly a vital need. Suffice to say, it will be difficult for him to achieve this goal alone. This will therefore be an opportunity to demonstrate the quality of your partnership.

Couples: is your partner a Virgo? Here’s its biggest flaw © Pixabay

Lara T.
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