Some signs of the Zodiac can really surprise you in bed, or elsewhere, when the moments of somersaults arrive. In the other facets of his life, Capricorn shows, for example, a lot of restraint. This is someone who likes to take a step back before acting. His personality is somewhat boring at times. And yet, a native partner of Capricorn can greatly surprise you. He is someone who likes to try new things. Above all, Capricorn likes to dominate in bed. He indulges in sex in the most energetic manner.

In the same vein, the native of Virgo can also amaze his partner to the highest degree. Seemingly innocent and harmless, a native of Virgo can show a completely different face when it comes time to make love. Once under the duvet, the Virgo can turn out to be a real sexual monster. He’s willing to try new things to avoid routine because one round won’t be enough to satiate Virgo’s appetite. If you are with a virgin partner, you will notice that he or she always asks for more, he is insatiable!

Virgo’s sexual practice is a classic

A Virgo partner is adept at fast and energetic antics. He may even be tired after each session. But what is certain is that he will ask for more a little later. Although the Virgo is an insatiable being in sex, he would not really be inclined to the most offbeat sexual experiences. In practice, a native of Virgo much prefers sex in its simplicity. Don’t be surprised if Virgo’s favorite position is one of the more classic, yet effective positions: missionary.

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Lara T.
Lara T.

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