You thought you were living on cloud nine but your romantic relationship takes a new turn. Married life has its ups and downs. Sometimes the tensions are high, so much so that you wonder: where do your problems come from? Sometimes, if your partner annoys you, it turns out that you are actually the toxic person. A toxicity that harms your tandem. What are the signs that prove that you are responsible?

First of all, there is this very negative spoiljoy attitude that weighs on your morale… and that of your better half by extension. You self-sabotage all the good times, engaging in destructive behavior. Another problem: you constantly threaten to break up and create a psychosis in your couple. The omnipresence of social networks in your daily life can also become an obstacle. Your exposure on the web can create jealousy.

When your personal problems become a couple’s affair

Being in a couple means thinking of two. Your selfishness can do a lot of harm to your significant other. “They are only aware of what their partner is doing to them, but not at all of what they are doing to him or her,” explains Dr. Tatkin to the Selection site.

One of the problems is simply that you have problems. Your concerns, your worries and your anxieties have a negative impact on your relationship. A scientific study shows that humans tend to use negative stimuli more than positive information. The reason is simple: the amygdala, the area of ​​our brain that manages emotions, is more receptive to negative emotions. Adopt a positive attitude!

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