Spats and crises are obligatory passages for all couples. Some have chosen to ignore these crises and continue their journey together. Others chose separation or ended up separating despite all attempts to patch things up. How motivated are you to save your relationship? Maybe you need to go as far as couples therapy in order to rebuild your relationship on solid ground. Or maybe you should take the slightest effort out of it and set the stage for a smooth and seamless separation.

It is indeed difficult to know what the right decision to make when you are in the midst of a crisis. It is best to step back and study the signs. Some of these signs show that your relationship is going through more than just a crisis. If you are not the only partner to make efforts, you can be sure that your couple still has a chance of being saved. But trying blindly is not the right way to go about it at all. To put the pieces back together, we must identify and come to terms together with the source of the problem. This step inevitably involves communication.

Signs that say all is far from lost

To communicate and make efforts, you have to want to. Your partner should also feel that same urge to communicate even if it’s just to dot the i’s. Effort requires generosity, respect and love. Do you feel that your partner deserves this from you? Are there any signs that he will do the same for you and your relationship? If the answers are “YES”, then there is a good chance that your joint efforts will not be in vain.

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