What if your relationship only needed one last chance or the ultimate effort to start afresh? Or, maybe it’s not worth believing anymore either. You could rely on your instincts to sort this all out, but you’re so in doubt that you’re not sure of the relevance of the decision your subconscious is pushing you to make. The first sign that can show you that the relationship is doomed is if the effort isn’t going both ways.

Whether you’re the only one putting in the effort or the other way around, it’s always a bad sign. One of the partners is indifferent. Making efforts out of love, respect and generosity is quite commendable. But how far should this generosity go? To give yourself a limit, you can ask yourself if your partner really deserves the effort you are putting in. In the event that you are sure of getting nothing in return, one day or another, you will exhaust your reserves of compassion and resignation.

The refusal of communication: a real impasse

Throughout the life of the couple, the partner who always has to make the effort will never be fulfilled. If your efforts fail, you will eventually tire. If before, you made efforts out of envy, you could continue to make them out of habit or out of fear of losing your loved one. However, it is possible to overcome this fear. If it’s not the desire that drives you, then your couple is no longer worth sacrificing yourself. The ultimate sign of an inevitable end is the lack or outright refusal to communicate. This one proves that it’s not worth fighting for anymore.

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