We can say of Gemini that he is a bit airheaded in the sense that he is often elusive. The Gemini native is often not the person you can count on for a stable relationship or for marriage. If head in the air may seem a tad pejorative to describe Gemini, note that he is often an eternal teenager, someone who likes to crunch life to the fullest. The native of this first Air sign of the zodiac is also known for his curiosity, but above all for his sense of humor.

A native of this zodiac sign is naturally charming and endearing. This is partly thanks to his side always a little adulescent, his carefree spirit and always in search of new experiences and new conquests. To seduce a native of Gemini, it is enough to know one of his weak points. This quintessential air sign disarms itself in the face of compliments. The best way to seduce him and flatter his ego. The magic word for Gemini is: beautiful. Tell him he is and you’ll see how won over he is already.

Gemini is a tad superficial

It would not be wrong to say that the native of Gemini particularly appreciates physical appearance. He is attracted to women who follow trends and fashion. For Gemini, appearance is of paramount importance. He values ​​the woman who takes care of herself and her appearance. But beyond appearance, Gemini also judges your way of being. On the other hand, Gemini doesn’t take kindly to remarks about their relationship with time. Gemini is known for being someone who almost never arrives on time.

Couples: how to conquer a Gemini?

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