Cancer is the first water sign. The natives of this sign are known to be as romantic as they are mysterious. A rather well done mix when you know that the mystery is at the base of the little flame in a couple. In any case, with this great romance comes a very high sensitivity. All these character traits of people born under the sign of Cancer make them particularly surprising. This represents the first clue for you who wish to conquer the heart of Cancer.

To succeed in conquering Cancer, Femme Actuelle affirms that the best method is to play on her great sensitivity. If your exchanges are still nascent, the best would be to evoke childhood memories with the native of Cancer. The goal is to discuss what really matters to him. Here it is important to put aside malice. After all, it is strongly forbidden to play with feelings regardless of the sign you want to conquer. Therefore, let him trust you and trust his secret ambitions. Let’s also add the fact that Cancer likes to be protected and mothered. Create a bubble where he will feel safe and you will get positive feedback.

What to avoid at all costs

The great sensitivity of Cancer is a point that you should not take lightly. Indeed, this sign is perfectly aware of this character trait. Reason why he is always on the defensive. If you try to dominate it or take it by force, it will close for sure. Don’t hesitate to show him your support and you will see that things will go your way. Note also that Cancer is not very sure of himself. Once again, comforting him is the attitude to adopt.

Couples: how to conquer a Cancer?

Couples: how to conquer a Cancer? © Pexels

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