Accidents in bed can be many and some incidents can be very strange. Suffice to say, surprises during sex can surprise more than one and captive penis syndrome is one of them. But what is it exactly? Simply put, it’s that situation where the penis gets stuck in the vagina during sex. Myth or reality ? This problem is seen very often in animals, but rarely in humans. So it is indeed a reality! Grazia reports the explanations given by the gynecologist Nasrine Callet concerning this incident.

“The captive penis syndrome or penis captivus is caused by an involuntary contraction of the vagina, which keeps a foreign body inside, in this case the penis. But the wall of the vagina is very muscular, and the contraction can be important “, explains Nasrine Callet. It is therefore a funny situation that is totally different from vaginismus. The difference being that the contraction occurs during penetration and not before. “When the erection ends, the penis comes out. And it’s a little unpleasant,” adds the gynecologist.

What if this ever happened?

The fact that this captive penis syndrome is very rare does not help in finding a solution. After all, medicine does not recognize it as a disease, and no serious studies have yet been conducted in this direction. Nasrine Callet explains that the main cause of the syndrome would be psychological. The solution therefore also lies at the psychological level. The whole thing is to put your partner at ease, in confidence, so that the muscles of the vagina relax on their own. Some people also offer a rectal examination in such cases in order to relax the muscles of the perineum.

Couples: how to avoid captive penis syndrome?

Couples: how to avoid captive penis syndrome? © Pexels

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