Achieving orgasm isn’t such an unattainable goal after all. There are many proven techniques and practices to achieve orgasm and more. Some techniques can increase the intensity tenfold. Mastering the breath is one of the most effective ways to achieve orgasm. This control also makes it possible to intensify the pleasure felt during orgasm. Quoting sex educator Searah Deysach, Grazia magazine explains that not everyone can find orgasm through breathing, even with practice. However, it is an experience worth trying and well worth the effort.

According to this sex educator, the main thing is to first let go during the sexual act. Indeed, the control of the breath makes it possible in a way to release all the tensions. When you feel no tension, it improves the quality and intensity of orgasm. According to this expert, breathing does more than just intensify orgasm. It also helps to increase orgasmic contractions. According to Searah Deysach, quoted by Grazia, “deep, slow breaths make orgasmic contractions more intense and more numerous.”

A technique that must be mastered

Deep breaths are thus the keys to an intense orgasm with multiple contractions. However, this is not at all a natural reflex. It’s even quite the opposite since during orgasm or when approaching it, we tend to hold our breath. Quoted by Grazia, Teen Vogue reports, “Many people instinctively hold their breath as they approach orgasm for a number of reasons, such as excitement, fear, or concentration. But, breathing is essential to maintaining blood circulation and improve your orgasm”.

Couples: how to achieve orgasm through breathing?

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