There are several ways for a woman to have an orgasm. In general, we often talk about clitoral stimulation and vaginal stimulation when we refer to orgasm. And yet, according to many experts, all of a woman’s erogenous zones can be stimulated and have the potential to bring her to orgasm. Quoted by Femme Actuelle, a survey conducted by Insider magazine revealed that some women manage to have a throat orgasm. Specialists explain how this is possible and how to achieve it.

Mentioned by Femme Actuelle, sexologist and writer Carol Queen said that “stimulation of any part of the body can lead to orgasmic experiences”. As for the throat orgasm, this would manifest as thickening of the saliva as well as spasms felt throughout the body. The simple sucking of their partner’s fingers would manage to make some women have a throat orgasm. For others, it is the practice of oral sex, and in particular deep throat, which causes this type of orgasm.

A G-spot at the back of the throat

Some women surveyed by Insider reported having a specific pleasure point deep in their throats. Sex educator and sex therapist Debra Laino, quoted by Femme Actuelle, said that this famous G-spot of the throat would be “beyond the uvula, in the cricopharyngeal part of the esophagus”. The sexual practice of the deep throat would stimulate this area thanks to the friction with the penis which would bring more blood there. According to Dr. Amir Marashi, to avoid the vomiting reflex, it is better to prepare for it with the help of “deep and slow breaths” and/or neck massages.

Couples: did you know the throat orgasm?

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