If your number of couple is the number 1, know that you are compatible and that your attraction is love at first sight. You form a couple particularly carried by inflamed feelings. If your number is 2, your first names are particularly compatible. Your first names and yourself complement each other. A stable relationship is therefore in sight! Like the couple number 2, the couple number 6 is also the symbol of complementarity, harmony and balance.

After couple number 6, there is couple number 8 which denotes compatibility. However, this is a paradoxical compatibility, it is based on emotions. It’s a bit of a roller coaster for first names whose numerology gives the number 8. Of all the couple numbers, it is the number 9 that signifies ultimate compatibility. If your first name gives the number 9 with that of your partner or the person you are interested in, it means that you have the equivalent compatibility of soul mates.

Calculating your number of couples: how to do it?

There are many methods of numerology. The simplest is the base nine. First remember the following correspondences: A=J=S=1, B=K=T=2, C=L=U=3, D=M=V=4, E=N=W=5, F= O=X=6, G=P=Y=7, H=Q=Z=8 and I=R=9. To calculate your couple number, first take your first name and add all the numbers corresponding to its letters. The calculation stops when you find a number between 1 and 9. Otherwise, if you find a two-digit number, add them to obtain a single-digit number. Do the same operations with your partner’s first name. Finally, add the number from your first name and that of your partner to determine your couple number.

Couples: are my first name and that of my partner compatible?

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