It is never pleasant to be left during a romantic relationship. “I don’t love you anymore”, “we are not made for each other”, “we don’t have the same vision of things”, “I prefer that we remain friends”, so many reasons that often push a couple to separate. Generally, the end of his love story is difficult to digest. Between sadness and questioning, it’s not always easy to find peace and confidence after a breakup.

And, according to science, one reason for breaking up is even harder to take than the others. Indeed, according to a recent study conducted by Cornell University in New York (United States), all the reasons for a separation are not equal. Specifically, the researchers found that being left for another person would be the most complicated reason for a breakup to hear. To reach this conclusion, the scientists questioned more than 600 people about their love experiences and separations.

Devaluation and self-esteem

This study highlighted the importance for each person to know if they have been rejected for another person or not. “Our results show that rejections for someone else are worse than rejections for no one and that this may be because such rejections lead to an increased sense of exclusion and a decrease in belonging,” the researchers point out.

In addition, knowing that one has been left in favor of another relationship also increases negative feelings towards oneself and contributes to its devaluation. “We found evidence that, by default, people react to a rejection as if it were for another person. That is, in the absence of any information about whether they were rejected for someone or for no one, they react as negatively as if they were rejected for someone”, concludes this study, the results of which have been published in the journal Personality and Social Psychology.

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