Having a fulfilling love life is not given to all zodiac signs. Some signs like Libra are prone to pairing up easily. Just like Aries who is a great seducer. Still, there are signs like Capricorn who are big, hardened bachelors. The fact is that Capricorn gives little importance to his love life. He prefers to focus on achieving his ambitions as well as his professional life. Not to mention the fact that he’s not one to expose his feelings easily. Note, however, that once in a relationship, Capricorn is very faithful to his partner.

Cancer is also not part of Cupid’s little notebook. Unlike Capricorn, who is very sentimental, Cancer has excessive feelings. This sign is subject to an exacerbated romanticism and often gets carried away very quickly. Despite the fact that Cancer is very shy, he puts his relationship and the person who shares his life on a pedestal. Which explains why he is often disappointed in love. However, with his big heart, this homebody sign lives for his family and his couple.

The sign of Aquarius: freedom in its purest form

Finding love is not easy for the sign of Aquarius. For this sign, what matters is their freedom. In addition to the fact that Aquarius is a great independent, the constraints that come with romantic relationships do not speak to him. In general, this sign is rather looking for a friendship-love relationship.

The fact of adapting badly to the presence of another person in his life does not help to fix his situation. This free spirit he has also makes him quite cold. Which is certainly not ideal for bonding with someone.

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