Somehow, to fall in love or in love is to lower your guard, to invest body and soul in a relationship, to give of your person. Several behavioral signs can guess whether a person is in love with you or not. With some people, you feel like they will never fall in love. This is the case with the astrological signs of Aquarius and Scorpio. It takes them several years to fall in love. At the antipodes of these signs who only open their hearts after years of seduction and relationship, there are those who fall in love in record time.

One minute ! This is how long it takes for a Pisces sign to fall in love. There is no more romantic and more instinctive than Pisces. A Pisces woman or man is very affectionate and generous in love. It may seem relatively sticky. For a person of the astrological sign of Aries, it does not take more than an hour to decide whether he is in love or not. A bit like Pisces, this is a particularly passionate sign that doesn’t hesitate to convey what it feels very quickly.

The signs that fall in love in a few days

The sign of Sagittarius also enters the list of signs that fall in love in record time. A Sagittarius falls in love very easily. He only needs three days for this. However, this is a sign that may not express love for several years. It can be a bit tricky to pin down. A Libra person also falls in love within days, a week to be exact. He is almost as romantic a person as the Pisces. On the other hand, she likes games of seduction. It is for this reason that she does not open up about her love in a minute like Pisces.

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