Some signs are more compatible than others, whether emotionally or sexually. Considering the planets that influence an Aries woman to begin with, it is known that the most compatible partner for her is a Gemini. But an Aries can also get along very well in bed with a Leo or a Libra partner. A Taurus person is usually not comfortable in bed except with someone they have feelings for. This sign is under the influence of Venus. A Taurus is looking for a partner who is an expert in the matter. The nights promise to be sensual between a Taurus woman and a Scorpio man.

The sign of Leos is dominated by the Sun, their sexual power is almost magnetic. This sign is fond of intense pleasures in bed, nothing like another Leo to satisfy their desires and fulfill their fantasies. Depending on the circumstances, a Pisces or a Libra partner can also do the trick. Scorpio is also a sign with overflowing sexuality. This is not really a surprise since this sign is under the influence of Pluto. The perfect sexual match can be with another Leo. With a Taurus, lovemaking also promises to be memorable, but with added sentimentality. Sexually speaking, Scorpio can also get along with a Leo.

These Zodiac Signs Who Are Secretly Passionate

Capricorn is known for their self-control in almost every facet of their life, including their sexuality. But it is a sign with overflowing imaginations, therefore also overflowing fantasies. When a Capricorn woman is confident, she turns out to be a very passionate partner in bed. The sign most likely to rock a Capricorn is Gemini or someone in Virgo. Note that the Virgo sign also displays the same sexual temperament as Capricorns.

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