With the signs of the zodiac, what resembles does not necessarily come together. In fact, opposites often attract. Being one of the most thoughtful and poised signs of the zodiac, Virgo attracts some signs more than others. The first sign that often feels a natural attraction to Virgo is Taurus. Being an earth sign, Taurus appreciates this reciprocity in Virgo to love routine and enjoy spending time together at home. However, in the long term, the relationship risks withering away if the couple is not ready to get out of their bubble.

Just like Taurus, Capricorn is also an earth sign. This explains his pressing attraction towards the Virgin. Along with this attraction, Capricorn finds a sense of security and structure in Virgo. On the other hand, a person born under the sign of Virgo will appreciate the ambition of Capricorn. It is not uncommon for this couple to set up many projects together.

Even its opposite is attracted to Virgo

As strange as it may seem, Pisces are also attracted to Virgos. Remember that these two signs are on opposite sides of the astrological chart. A difference that visibly attracts. Here, it’s Virgo’s strong sense of reality that attracts Pisces. Virgo tends to bring Pisces down to earth. What he will particularly appreciate. For her part, Virgo is fascinated by the childlike eyes with which Pisces sees the world. The sense of security provided by Virgo also delights Pisces.

Couples: These Zodiac Signs Are Attracted To Virgos © Pexels

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