Libra, an air sign, is one of the sweetest and most naturally attractive Zodiac signs. A double sign, some traits of a Libra native can be quite paradoxical. But being a sign ruled by Venus, Libra is a very romantic sign. A Libra woman is charming and elegant. What’s more, she’s attractive. The Libra man is also a born seducer. The first sign on which the magnetism of a Libra works the most is Cancer. These two signs are made for each other. Their attraction is mutual and intense from the start.

Cancer having a very maternal character, Libra will find, with this sign, a warm cocoon where she will feel good and safe. If a native of Libra gets into a relationship with a Taurus, romance is guaranteed. Taurus is a sign ruled by Venus, the planet of love, like Libra. Taurus even tends to fall outright in love with a Libra relatively quickly. What might make her hesitate a little is the flirtatious side of Libra. But once things are clear, Taurus puts their heart and soul into their relationship.

Aries: a sign opposite to Libra, but which complements it

Aries and Libra are two opposite signs that attract each other. A fire sign, Aries has a very warm side that Libras appreciate given that they are soft, but in need of softness themselves. There may be points of disagreement between Libra and Aries, but these two signs are made to complement each other and get along. By mutual agreement, Libra and Aries can move forward and achieve the same goals.

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