Leo is a sun-ruled fire sign. A native of this sign feels a certain need to be admired, to be put on a pedestal. In love, the Leo invests exclusively when he knows he is loved. Libra is the first sign most attracted to Leo. These two signs turn out to be very romantic in love. Libra is attracted to Leo’s enterprising and caring character. The latter can be particularly attentive when he considers his partner as the chosen one of his heart.

Scorpio, a water sign of the Zodiac giving priority to romantic stability, is also strongly attracted to Leo. Scorpio shares with Leo the preference for serious relationships. If in the other facets of his life, the Leo needs to be the center of attention, in love, he pays particular attention to his partner. The Leo-Scorpio tandem makes it possible to form a powerful couple ready to face anything. However, Leo and Scorpio are also likely to clash, with Leo needing to maintain some dominance. Which in the long run may not suit Scorpio.

Scorpio and Leo: another romantic tandem

The Leo shines with his personality and his passion. He is demonstrative in love. Pisces, another water sign, is attracted to this fire sign which is not lacking in inspiration and imagination. Like Leo, Pisces is also a sign that is gifted with creativity. These two signs are made to form a perfectly compatible duo. The native of Pisces is a sensitive and affectionate being, but who is relatively modest with his feelings. With a little help from Leo who likes to take things in hand, romance and displays of affection will be constants within the couple.

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