If you’re wondering why you always seem to run into the same kinds of people, the answer surely has to do with your Zodiac sign. Like all signs of the Zodiac, Aquarius particularly attracts three other signs that share the same values ​​with him or whose characters complement each other. An air sign, Aquarius is almost magnetic to Gemini, another air sign. These two signs share the same interest in all things social. Gemini is ready to join the cause of Aquarius who always seeks to create a better society.

Leo, which is a fire sign, is usually attracted to Aquarius. By its independence, its uncontrollable and anti-authoritarian side, Aquarius intrigues Leo. Leo is a sign that needs attention. He even feeds on it. But it is not for this reason that he easily falls in love with Aquarius. Aquarius is always in this view of building a healthy society or community. Although Aquarius has the traits of a true free spirit, he is driven by contribution. He is also a social agitator with whom you almost never get bored, which is what the Leo is so attracted to.

Dark Scorpio is attracted to Aquarius

Scorpio is a water sign with whom a native of Aquarius can build a more or less balanced relationship. The eccentric and refractory character of Aquarius arouses the curiosity of Scorpio. An Aquarius woman is bubbly and full of life. She sows her joy and good humor to those around her, but never seems to want to engage in a serious romantic relationship. The Aquarius woman can however be very passionate. For Scorpio, Aquarius is a real mystery. He intrigues her.

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