When you are told that communication is the key to a successful relationship, you have to start believing it. Relationship psychologist Emma Kenny says it’s important to discuss outlines early in a relationship. “Everyone needs to understand the type of relationship they’re looking for and the non-negotiables,” Emma says.

The 2nd mistake to avoid is to base the relationship on your sexual urges. “A relationship must survive three stages: desire, attraction, and attachment. Research shows that the state of desire only lasts a maximum of five months, as it is driven by a craving for sexual gratification brought on by desire. release of the hormones testosterone and estrogen”, explains the expert.

The 3rd error is to compare the person with your father or your mother. “If you compare him to a parent who disappointed you and use your negative experiences to dismiss the many positive traits he possesses, your relationship is doomed,” says Emma Kenny.

The 4th mistake is not accepting compliments. The expert explains that if you have low “self-esteem”, you will not be able to objectively accept the positivity coming from the other. This can greatly harm the relationship.

The 5th mistake is a classic and it’s about talking about your exes. “We all have a history, but in new relationships, it’s best to leave that very far in the past,” says Emma Kenny. The trap is to compare your present with your past.

Above all, do not choose your partner during the fertile period

The 6th mistake is to let your hormones guide you. The psychologist explains that women are genetically attracted to “hypermasculine” men during the period of ovulation. A serious mistake that harms a lasting relationship.

The 7th mistake is to get into a relationship for fear of loneliness. “The fear of being alone means you may end up settling for less than you deserve,” says Emma Kenny.

The 8th mistake is to redo your partner’s wardrobe. “Accepting your partner as he is is the only way to guarantee the success of a long-term relationship,” according to Emma.

The 9th error is to leave certain doors open. If you leave a window open to people ready to win you over, then your relationship will only last a few months.

The last and not the least mistake is to be hypercritical towards your partner. “No one likes everything about their partner, but it’s about learning to let the little irritations pass,” concludes Emma Kenny.

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