Lack of communication is indeed a fatal disease for a couple. It is not uncommon for one or the other to be unhappy, but not want to admit it. Fortunately, there are signs that can help tell if your partner is unhappy. The first is an imbalance in daily tasks, especially concerning the education of children. Generally, it is women who feel more concerned about the well-being of children than men. Here, there is no better solution than an attentive ear and above all the demonstration of unconditional support for your partner.

A misplaced humor is also evocative of the fact that the other is unhappy. If your partner responds with sarcasm to your jokes about a sensitive situation or topic, then that’s a bad sign. It usually means that your partner feels a great lack of consideration on your part. At this stage, the solution is to save the jokes for later and show your seriousness. A sluggish sex life is also a sign not to be underestimated. Indeed, an unhappy person in his couple will necessarily have a great lack of libido. She will necessarily keep her distance from her partner. If this is your case, it is important to find the source of the blockage by addressing the possible reasons for the negative feelings in the couple.

Your partner needs your attention

A question that is never far from the misfortune of a person in their relationship: “Are you listening to me?”. If your partner often asks you this question, it’s because there’s something fishy going on. This means he needs to fight for your attention. Still, after a hard day away from each other, it’s completely normal to long for each other’s attention. Preferring your Smartphone to your partner risks increasing the tensions between you.

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Lara T.
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