When the other takes more and more distance, it is not at all a good sign for the relationship. However, we do not necessarily see when the partner becomes indifferent. Different therapists have shed light on the signs that can determine this indifference. First, an engaged partner is a partner who cares about every detail of your life. This is a sincere and reciprocal interest. “When a couple gets ‘out of sync’, each loses interest in the details of the other’s life,” says Isiah McKimmie.

Interest is also a matter of priority. If your previously responsive partner becomes harder and harder to reach, then a certain distance widens. Generally, the person who takes distance here is more subtle and gradually increases the response time to texts, calls and emails. “Some people sometimes drift away in subtle ways, so the lack of responsiveness may indicate a loss of interest,” says psychologist Gina Delucca. There is also the refusal to establish a link. A person who doesn’t want a relationship anymore tends to avoid the bonds that you try to build through your efforts. “If you feel the need to crave (or beg) more attention from your partner, it’s likely that he or she is no longer on the same wavelength,” says Isiah McKimmie .

Not arguing anymore is a very bad sign

Arguments are not necessarily a bad sign. Therapist Anne Crowley explains that disagreements that end in yelling do fit into a toxic dynamic. Only, healthy arguments help the relationship work well. The problem arises when your partner no longer expresses his disagreement. “We argue because not feeling listened to or seen affects us. When one of the two stops opposing, he may be expressing his indifference,” says Anne Crowley.

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