You’ve been together for months or years and you wonder. Where is your romantic relationship leading? Are you going to take the plunge one day? The Cosmopolitan site delivers the signs that prove that no, your partner does not want to engage with you. If your partner doesn’t know what they’re looking for in life, they won’t be making any upcoming plans with you. Its motto ? Living day to day, so don’t try to plan for the long term at the risk of annoying him. He doesn’t label his old relationships as ex-girlfriends. In the conversation, your partner systematically specifies that his ex is not really … an ex at the end of the day.

Lack of investment

You are in a relationship but you have the impression that you are making every effort. Your partner is involved, but gives you the minimum union. If you speak of a life together, he never speaks of you as a “couple”. So you slow down and avoid putting pressure on him by talking about engagement. In short, you are restraining yourself!

Monsieur is often too busy to see you. You rarely see each other during the week and especially during the day. Your reunion often takes place after dark. On the SMS side, you wait long hours for a response. Despite all these signs that make you doubt, you insist. You want to believe it. But time goes by … and nothing changes. It is clear that you are not building anything with your partner. A tough choice is then offered to you: continue or stop the relationship.

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