3 years, it would be the lifespan of the love-passion according to certain neurobiologists for whom the love would be the fruit of the hormones. Whether or not we believe in this hypothesis, it is clear that after a certain period of time, each couple is likely to go through this moment of uncertainty. One partner or the other can wonder about what makes him stay in the couple: love or habit. Psychologists have determined a number of signs that your couple has gotten bogged down in habit.

The first of these signs are the feeling of boredom, indifference to the presence or absence of the other, and disinvestment in the couple. You stay in this relationship out of habit if you feel the need to run away from your partner by focusing on something else, such as work, your children, sports, etc. When habit takes over, communication between you and your partner deteriorates, or even becomes non-existent. And if the exchanges remain purely formal, it is total platitude.

The signs that the habit has taken root

It is entirely possible to save the couple if both parties are aware of the situation. Can’t stand his presence anymore? Do you finally breathe when he or she is not there? Do you prefer the company of other people like your friends, colleagues, and loved ones? All these signs indicate that you are in a phase of rejection of the other.

You and/or your partner then enter, or are already, in a phase of depression. The signs of tenderness and affection are almost non-existent, the same for sexuality within the couple. Love has completely given way to habit when total disinterestedness sets in. The absence of a common project, the attraction for another person and the temptation to look elsewhere are the most alarming signs.

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