You broke up recently, but do you feel like your ex is watching you on social media? You may be a victim of orbiting. This English term almost literally refers to the fact that your ex is always around you. However, he or she is no longer in direct contact with you. He or she no longer calls you at all or sends you a message, yet he or she is there behind his screen or his phone scrutinizing your actions. Being the victim of orbiting is a bit like being the victim of espionage on social networks.

It is the journalist Anna Lovine of the magazine Man Repeller who launched this term by describing the behavior of a man, Tyler, with whom she had a few dates, explains the Cosmopolitan. What happened is that said Tyler continues to watch the journalist’s Snapchat and Instagram stories even though the latter has completely cut off the bridge. Which can be extremely frustrating when you want to move on and move on once and for all. Unfortunately, this is a fairly widespread behavior, Anna Lovine indicates that several of her friends are also victims.

Orbiting may be motivated by a desire for your ex to ruin your life.

The Man Repeller journalist believes that being orbited is worse than being ghosted. She also determined three reasons why your ex might be orbiting. Your ex follows your stories on Instagram and Snapchat, and likes your posts on Facebook to demonstrate his power. Your ex wants to keep you from moving on. The other two reasons are that your ex is orbiting without being aware of it or wanting to hang around you. As psychologist Michelle Crimins explains to NBC News, “People want to stay important in your heads, it’s a way of reminding you that you exist. It can also be a roundabout way of saying ‘hey, I’m here.’ , hoping for reciprocal attention”.

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